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What's new tennis shoe? Body Polish

What's new tennis shoe? Body Polish

Well as you have noticed I haven't blogged at all.  Had some stuff happen, none of it good and surgery. Yeah all well now so let's get down to business.  Ok I need business.  This virus has shut us down.  No shows, markets, to go to.

On the farm front, we had the birth of two kids March 23 at 4:00 am. Rough night. A buck and doe.  They are very cute and extremely small.  Dam had four but as you know not all deliveries go well.  We do have a camera so I can watch and I had moved a twin bed to the family room to watch.  Well she yelled, I ran but two were stillborn.  She had been in labor 18 hours. The last two I was there for because they shoot out of there quickly. 

Lizzie and Princess are getting close to their time.  Updates to come.

The feral kittens I tamed and had spayed have all found homes except two black kittens we decided to keep. Both females are great hunters! Oh yeah watch out leaves, grass, my Orchids, chair legs, my feet under the covers! Ha tons of toys and my feet are the best toy!.

Well enough for today, it's sunny and 70* so maybe some gardening and goat loving!

Keep you hoofs trimmed, belching at a minimum and your coat brushed!

Oh I forgot to talk about the new Body Polish! Ooopps there is always tomorrow!

Nana Judy 


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