Belly Balm, Nana's Hinny Paste, & Udder (Nipple) Cream

Three natural wonderful gifts for the Mama's 2 B and babies! Belly Balm for growing bellies, Udder (Nipple) Cream for nursing moms and Nana's Hinny Paste for Babies Bottoms sensitive skin.

Gently fragrant Belly Balm made with natural oils & butters softens the stretching skin. Massage the Belly Balm with Vitamin E into the skin then relax and enjoy the gentle entwined scents of lemon and lavender.  Your skin will love the Belly Balm and you the relaxing time.

All-natural Nana's Hinny Paste for Babies Bottoms is made with natural oils. No Vaseline or petroleum for the delicate bums!  The handy dispenser rolls up to swipe the paste on without making a mess of your fingers.  Attach the diaper tabs with no problem with clean fingers. 

Udder (Nipple) Cream made with natural oils. Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax.  Lanolin free!  No worries for momma! 

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