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Lu Lu's Suds

Farm to Shower

Touch Your Loved Ones With a Gift That Shows You Care

Gift Set - Soap - Lotion - Body Butter - Body Polish

Gift Bags -Soap - Lotion - Free Lip Balm

Thieves Collection

Wow We are busy!

Currently we can make 120 bars a day! Thanks clients.

So you bathe goats too?

Of course we do with our dog soap! Shots and pedicures too!

Lu Lu Getting Milked

Gee mom this is kind of personal.

Put your niece to work!

Family is great, Harmony mows and cleans the barns!

Bottle Babies

We actually raise and milk goats! What a concept! No dried milk here!

Hey Ma!

Peppermints? Come on Mom Peppermints pretty please?


Always in her own little bucket world.

Does Life

A Day on the Farm


Kids are Dam raised when possible and go out into the 7 acre field.

Eli's Play Pals!

Kids like to go up the rock climbing wall and down the slide.


Our new Buck, Frank Sinatra, beautiful blue eyes!

Farm life, Nana's life, soap & lotion fun

What's new tennis shoe? Body Polish

What's new tennis shoe? Body Polish

Well as you have noticed I haven't blogged at all.  Had some stuff happen, none of it good and surgery. Yeah all well now so let's get down to busi...
Debut of my Blog, Hope I get better or no one will ever read it!

Debut of my Blog, Hope I get better or no one will ever read it!

I have lots of misadventures too that make life funny, maybe not when they happen to me but later.

Lu Lu's Suds

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