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Welcome 2023 and Soft moisturized skin

Soft Skin,

You deserve moisturized skin!

Lu Lu's Suds creates soap, body butter, and lotion that all work together to nourish your skin.

Gently cleanse your skin with natural real soap made with olive, coconut, shea butter and such, not chemicals.

Seal in your natural moisture with lotion or body butter. Hydrate your thirsty skin and enjoy the relaxing gentle fragrance of lotion and body butter.

Soap Bags 100% Cotton Hand Knitted


Buy 4 Soap Get 5th For FREE!

Choose, mix and match, pick, be crazy, any 4 FOUR different soap and get the 5th for free.

Always have naturally soft skin and choose a different scent for each day of the week and mood. /collections/goat-milk-soap




Soap? Or is it a detergent?

 This is Amanda's arm before, then two weeks later. She uses Fragrance Free Lotion and Fragrance Free Goat Milk Soap.

Lu Lu’s Ingredients:

Olive Oil

Shea Butter

Rice Bran

Palm Kernel

Palm & Castor


Fragrance or Essential Oil

Goat Milk, Lye

Commercial Detergent (Soap) Ingredients:

1. Propylene glycol (to replace the hydrating effect of natural glycerin), a petroleum-based product that is dangerous when inhaled, an irritant, and a metabolic disruptor.

2. Polyethylene glycol (to keep soap looking nice), apetroleum-based product used in antifreeze, dehydrates and ages skin, leaves it vulnerable to bacteria.

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent), a serious irritant, hormone disruptor, drying, and it denatures the skin proteins, leaving your lower layers vulnerable.

4. Butylated hydroxytoluene (a preservative), absorbed through skin, long-term and repeated exposure caused renal and hepatic damage in rats, mild irritant, tumor promoter, deemed safe for cosmetic use.

5. Pentasodium pentatate (a type of acid used to soften water and create better foaming), an eye irritant and should not be used on broken skin or infants.

6. Titanium dioxide (to whiten the bar), dangerous if inhaled, safety on skin unknown.

7. Sodium isethionate (for dense lather and suds), currently being researched.

Thieves Collection

Wow We are busy! Team Lu Lu's Suds

So you bathe goats too?

Of course we do with our dog soap! Shots and pedicures too!

Lu Lu Getting Milked

Gee mom this is kind of personal.

Put your niece to work!

Family is great, Harmony mows and cleans the barns!


Kids are Dam raised when possible and go out into the 7 acre field.

Eli's Play Pals!

Kids like to go up the rock climbing wall and down the slide.


Our new Buck, Frank Sinatra, beautiful blue eyes!


Pia and Sam 2022

Trampoline Time

We actually raise and milk goats! What a concept! No dried milk here!

Hey Ma!

Peppermints? Come on Mom Peppermints pretty please?


Always in her own little bucket world.

Frankie (Doe)

She's A Little Stinker

Lu Lu's Suds

9435 Ash Ridge Winchester Rd.

Winchester OH 45697


Mon - Fri, 9am - 9pm
Saturday, 9am - 9pm
Sunday, 12am - 5pm

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Farm life, Nana's life, soap & lotion fun

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Desperate for Body Butter during Winter! (No Goat milk in body butter)

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