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Goat Milk Lotion Recipe Why This Recipe

Goat Milk Lotion Recipe Why This Recipe

Because I like it! Doesn't leave skin oily or sticky. Simple, that's it.  Period.

Everything created and developed around the farm is because someone wanted something someway.  For example, my daughter-in-law did not want lanolin in her nipple cream for breast feeding. (Lanolin is secreted from sheep glands) 

Bam!  Udder Nipple Cream is created and tested on all the neighbors and Jayme. Coconut oil helps with thrush, no lanolin, ok for baby. 

Lotion was created because Sage (a friend's daughter) wanted Eucalyptus Mint lotion. Now I have to admit I made several batches of lotion.  I believe lotion was the hardest product to create and get the way I wanted it.  Then once I had a recipe multiplying the recipe for larger quantities was a challenge. 

As with all recipes, you my skin care enthusiasts are the final judges. The lotion has been a great success so I am not going to change the recipe and we will continue to make it in small batches to insure the quality of the lotion. 

Please follow along on Facebook because I post regularly.  Follow our adventures, goofy video's and where we will turn up next. Several fairs have been lining up so I will keep you informed. 

We are also looking to do popup shops in Cincy area with our trailer. 

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will discipline myself to write more.  Don't bet on it I will be 63 in March and I am a slow learner! hahaha


Chief Goat Herder  


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