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Expecting Babies? We are expecting 21!

Expecting Babies? We are expecting 21!

I love making soap, lotion and all our skin care creations but boy do I get stressed out when kids are being born!  Even after 10 years my anxiety level hits the barn ceiling.  I prepare, I improve, I tell myself things will be OK yet I still get mad at myself if something goes wrong.  It's just nature.  This part of nature I just don't like.

Last year was a good year.  The kids were born at a good time, paced out so I didn't drop from exhaustion and the video camera helped out.  I placed one of the grandkids twin beds on the floor in front of the four camera 55" tv screen to watch then dart to the barn when the delivery started.  Lily has four kids, Lizzie has three and Jyll has three so they need so help. You don't want to help to much because mom needs to clean the babies and get their scents. 

Well the sun is shining, it's 60 outside so outside I go!



Tracey Klinger

I love reading about your farm.. we just had our first kidding and are getting ready to start making products as well… any advice?

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